So welcome to my new chapter. Rising through the hot ashes of the flames that helped me to grow and evolve to further transform myself. I am here to help those of you who are seeking inspiration or guidance. Tell yourself you're amazing, please keep going! It is not the time to quit. Manifest your visions and dreams into physical reality because you can be anything you ever dreamed of. Let's try to get in a comfortable space and picture yourself coming out of these dark moments while seeing that there is a golden sparkling light at the end of this tunnel, while doing this... Envision your new self, see that you have now made it out of these stormy times because now you have realized that you have always known how to dance these storms away because you are the calm before the storm, I stand with you as I have danced with the storm as well, it made me stronger. Do not ever compromise your integrity or your boundaries. :). Let all waves of truth, love, light, family and abundance wash over you now. Release anything in your life that isn't serving your growth, your evolution, you are on the right track. You could also be seeing angel numbers like 444,777,555,999,245 222, 313 414 515. Remember, you have all the answers and wisdom within. A change is coming. A massive awakening is happening, and it has truly been happening. We must look within ourselves. Always listen to what your soul is telling you because it knows the way,


PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to inquire about further insight on my blogs anytime, Instagram is the best place to reach me, I have a feeling that someone drawn to this may need a psychic reading done. If that is you that is currently reading this, contact me at High_priestess_witch



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